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Why Consistency Will Make or Break Any Healthy Habit

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Consistency is vital for the success of any healthy habit. Unfortunately, one day is not enough time to undo the damage done by years of poor behaviors. For example, for many Americans it has become ingrained in them to consume fast food daily. Choosing to eat a salad once a week is a good idea, but the behavior that you consistently engage in is the one that will determine your success.

The same can be said for physical activity. Even if you only work out for the first two weeks of the year, this is still preferable to not working out at all, although the difference is not very significant. For the benefits of exercise to become apparent, it is necessary to maintain a regular exercise routine. It would be nice if things were different, but they aren’t.

What about getting some rest? Is it possible to have a skewed sleep schedule and still be able to properly recharge by sleeping in once a month? Nope. Only for brief periods will you be able to function normally without adequate rest; after that, it will begin to impact your day and your life negatively. We Are the Sum of the Results of our Habits, Whether They Serve Us Well or Not.

The Power of Routine

Even though chiropractic care is similar to any other healthy habit or treatment, patients often insist that it should be treated differently. They just want one chance to “crack it” before the year is through. For example, they come in as new patients with the mindset and expectation that their sciatica, which has been bothering them for the past two months, should be resolved entirely by the time they leave our clinic.

It is true that they often have tried various over-the-counter medicines, but they have yet to be successful. They may have tried stretching like crazy, using a heating pad, and receiving massages, but none of these have relieved them. On the other hand, visiting a chiropractor is something that ought to work immediately in the eyes of many.

The fact of the matter is that your body can adapt and change. However, this can also be a problematic at times. You end up with rounded shoulders and a forward head posture as your body adjusts to spending all day hunched over a computer. It does this by becoming more rigid and tight in the sections that haven’t moved in response to the absence of movement in those places.

When we take care of routine appropriately, it demonstrates positive signs of adaptation. Your muscles can become more flexible. They have the potential to improve in strength and open up further opportunities for you. You can go on runs and improve your endurance, and if you get adjustments regularly, you will see improvements in your health, your range of motion, and your body’s capacity to perform functions.

Chiropractic Care for Overall Health

Because of a misunderstanding of the principle of the power of routine, numerous chiropractic treatment approaches have been rendered completely ineffective in our experience. If you visit our clinic, we will provide you with a consultation, perform an examination, and (typically) take x-rays to assess whether or not chiropractic care will be able to assist you with your issue. After that, we will devise a treatment strategy to address that issue to the greatest extent possible.

The length of the treatment plan will change depending on several factors, including how long you’ve had the problem, how severe it is, how active you are, what your daily routine is like, the kind of problem you have, and any other complicating factors that may be part of your medical history. If you are consistent with your chiropractic adjustments, you will know within a couple of weeks whether they benefit you. However, this will only be the case if you continue to receive adjustments.

If your chiropractor advises you to visit the office three times per week and you only come in twice, this counts as more than just one missed appointment. It’s lacking 33% of your care and attention. Adjustments build on each other, and it is this “adjustment habit” that, if done for these few weeks, will lay the foundation to help keep that vertebra in the right place for longer and longer periods. Adjustments can be done at any time, but they are most effective when done regularly.

The good news is that the high number of visits that are required at the beginning of care typically do not need to be repeated later. If you adhere to the steps in your treatment plan and then decide to get adjusted regularly, even monthly, you will enjoy a significant increase in the number of extra health benefits. One of the benefits you will experience is that you will be able to “reverse” all of the poor posture, stiffness, and misalignments that may have developed over the course of a typical month spent working at an office.

It is possible to replace unhealthy routines with healthy ones, which will make a difference. It’s possible that it’s time for you to examine your routines and how they relate to your overall health. Even though the effects of making a change won’t be immediately noticeable, your body will adjust in time, and you will see the positive impact. Receiving adjustments regularly and adhering to the instructions given to you by your chiropractor at the beginning of your treatment will set the stage for successful outcomes from your chiropractic care. Inconsistency yields unpredictable effects that don’t persist as long as they should for that reason.

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