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How Can Chiropractic Help Vertigo?

Industrial medicine can’t fix vertigo – but can chiropractic help vertigo? In general, yes. It can. But, before we get into exactly how chiropractic helps vertigo, let’s look at what it is. Vertigo is a common condition that makes you feel off-balance and dizzy. Often, vertigo makes you feel as if the room is spinning. However, vertigo is not its…

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Is Your Backpack Hurting Your Back?

It’s back-to-school time, which means hustling to class and carrying what you need with you in your backpack. But, is your backpack hurting your back? At times, you may notice a twinge of pain in your shoulders and back after a day of lugging books around. Your backpack may be causing back pain for a variety of reasons. Read below…

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How Can Chiropractic Help Scoliosis?

Experts estimate that 9 million Americans currently have scoliosis. Diagnosed typically in early childhood, scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It is distinctly characterized by uneven shoulders, raised hips, or rib misalignment. However, there is no “cure” for scoliosis, only an ongoing treatment plan to manage living with scoliosis. The good news is that chiropractic care can help…

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Personal Injury Chiropractic Care and Worker’s Compensation Chiropractic Care

Have you recently been injured at work or in an accident? If you have grounds for a claim, your personal injury chiropractic care or worker's comp chiropractic care could be covered under the claim. Personal Injury Chiropractic Care Post-accident, you may be compensated for medical bills, missed paychecks, and other assorted costs. We're not able to say what your compensation…

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Why Wait? Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Can Help Today

Why do people get chiropractic care for neck pain so often? Because neck injuries can hurt like mad. In fact, it's one of the most common reasons to seek chiropractic treatment. Atlas Total Health Chiropractic's well-trained staff can help you with pain management and recovery from neck injuries. But what kind of neck injury does chiropractic help treat? 3 Types…

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4 Ways a Chiropractor for Work Injuries Can Help You

Work injuries can take a tremendous toll on your health – and finding a chiropractor for work injuries is one of your options. Although the number of fatal workplace injuries has dropped over the last year, injuries still occur every day. What's the best solution if you're injured at work? Here Are the Ways a Chiropractor Can Help If you are…

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3 Reasons Why Chiropractic and Massage are Good Together

Sometimes, when patients find out that we offer massage, they'll want to know why chiropractic and massage are good together. After all, many people have found that combining the two often yields outstanding gains in wellness. Chiropractors work to re-balance spinal alignment and restore your nervous system to health, and massage therapists seek to relax muscles and increase resiliency. And,…

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Does Chiropractic Care Help Mental Health?

Many patients have asked us, "does chiropractic care help mental health?" Mental health issues affect people of all ages. And it seems that problems like anxiety and depression are becoming more common. Our hyper-connected society, with social media and stress from jobs and future fears, makes these tough problems to overcome. Over 40 million adults (nearly 20% of the population)…

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Chiropractic Care Helps Heal Poor Posture Problems

Did you know that chiropractic care helps heal poor posture problems? It's true! And that's more important to your health than many people realize. Habits of poor posture are the most common cause of office workers’ painful symptoms. However, with regular chiropractic adjustment, your pain can be relieved – and your spine will stay aligned. Poor posture hurts more than just your neck and back. In fact, many health…

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Why Chiropractic Care for Desk Workers is Important?

It doesn't surprise us: chiropractic care for desk workers is growing in demand. More office workers ask for our help every week. We've moved from blue-collar to white-collar as a society. The information has displaced labor as our primary workforce currency. Here's what does surprise us: the age of these desk workers who need chiropractic care is staggeringly young. Patients in…

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