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Atlas Total Health Chiropractic is not just a practice; it’s a culmination of years of dedication and passion. Our journey began in 1996 when Dr. Tomasino co-founded a chiropractic practice with a vision to make a difference in people’s lives. Fast forward to 2015, and a transformative shift led to the birth of Atlas Total Health Chiropractic. We now have multiple locations across the Southeast. All of our chiropractors use active and passive therapies to get you back to a happy and healthy life. 

At Atlas Total Health Chiropractic, our success is measured not just by the treatments we provide but by the quality of life of each patient – one adjustment at a time.

How We Can Help You

Chiropractic Services

a chiropractic adjustment

Being evaluated and treated by a chiropractor after a car accident will allow your body to heal faster from this traumatic event.

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Chiropractor helping a man with back pain.

Over 57% of Americans say they experience back pain.

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chiropractic exam

We know the pain is real, and we can help. Our work injury treatment has successfully helped many of our patients overcome pain and return to work pain-free.

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a spine on a blue background

Core stability is particularly important for people who have developed sciatica, as increasing core and back strength can help hold the spine in place, reducing the chances of spinal injuries and inflammation that can lead to sciatica.

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chiropractic adjustment

Atlas Total Health Chiropractic care for neck pain concentrates on the detection and reduction of the spine’s misalignment. Visiting our neck pain chiropractors is a key to treating your neck pain while avoiding expensive medicines and surgery.

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man with painful spine

When a disc becomes ruptured, the gel-like substance that surrounds the disc slips out of place and can become pinched by the spine or press against the nerves in the spinal column. Herniated discs can quickly escalate to become debilitating, and medical care is always necessary.

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a chriopractor and a man

Chiropractic care for headaches and migraines can help people who suffer from mild to severe symptoms. Suffering from a migraine headache can be debilitating and make daily tasks such as going to work or caring for children impossible.

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a chiropractor adjusting a woman's spine

When your spine is misaligned, the nerves cannot work as intended. They may misfire or fail to fire or overwork because their pathway is blocked from swelling or misalignment of the spine or neck

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Closeup of haa hand giving dry needling therapy

Dry needling is an instrument-assisted therapy that aims to relieve the chronic pain of patients that have been suffering from long-term muscular injuries. This practice is designed to relieve tightness and pain in muscles.

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a chriopractor and a man

Chiropractic adjustments align the spine to relieve pressure on bulging discs and nerves, massage provides relief to aching and tight muscles by releasing trigger points, and our back and core stabilizing exercise program strengthens muscles used to hold a correct posture and prevent injury in the low back or hips.

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