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Why Do I Get Neck Pain When I Wake Up in the Morning?

When patients come into our office, one of the most common concerns that they have is that they have neck pain upon waking up in the morning. It's not uncommon for the discomfort to feel like there's a "crick" or "kink" in the neck. The result of this occurrence is not only pain, but also a general decrease in the…

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Why Consistency Will Make or Break Any Healthy Habit

Consistency is vital for the success of any healthy habit. Unfortunately, one day is not enough time to undo the damage done by years of poor behaviors. For example, for many Americans it has become ingrained in them to consume fast food daily. Choosing to eat a salad once a week is a good idea, but the behavior that you…

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When Should I Get an Adjustment—Before or After I Work Out?

Should I get an adjustment before or after working out? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear in the office, and while it could leave some patients perplexed, there is a straightforward approach to taking a look at it. Should you get adjusted before you exercise, or will the exercise somehow "undo" all the work the…

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Why It May Be Best to Avoid Back Surgery If Possible

If you've been having back pain for more than a few weeks, you've likely seen a doctor to find out what's wrong and what exactly is going on with your body. In many cases, patients who experience persistent back pain may be advised to seek surgical treatment for their back pain. If this is your situation, it is strongly suggested…

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 What Are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain in the muscles and joints that doesn't go away. It can also make people tired, sleepy, forgetful, and vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Though the exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, experts believe that fibromyalgia might make the way pain is experienced in the body worse by changing the way the brain handles…

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These 9 Tips Will Help You Deal with Sudden Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most commonly experienced medical ailments in the United States. Back pain affects around 31 million Americans at any given time, making completion of normal day-to-day duties difficult for many. From the occasional 'twinge' to severe or debilitating discomfort, you should never try to tough out back pain. If you suddenly feel back pain, you…

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8 Treatment Options Following a Fall

A slip and fall can be a terrifying sensation and is something that most people will experience at least once in their lives, especially during the winter season in adverse weather conditions. In addition to any injuries you may have incurred from the fall, you may become disoriented and dazed for some time after falling. Pain will begin to kick…

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Stiff Neck Causes & Treatments

As so many situations may arise leading to stiffness of the neck or neck pain, stiff necks are one of the most commonly treated ailments in today’s society. Sitting at a computer for long hours during the day, sleeping improperly at night, being involved in a car collision, or even jolting the neck suddenly from a quick movement can result…

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8 Best Ways to Destress

Many individuals face stress in their daily lives. Unfortunately, stress can become so burdensome that it may make everyday tasks difficult, interfere with your quality of life, or interfere with your relationships. Stress may also commonly take on physical manifestations such as neck or shoulder pain, headaches, and more. Although stress is often multifaceted, chronic stress may take a profound…

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What Happens Post Adjustment?

After visiting a chiropractor, many individuals may wonder, 'What happens post adjustment?" However, as every patient is unique, each individual will respond differently to chiropractic treatments. Likewise, physical responses after an adjustment will depend on a variety of factors, as no two patients will be alike. You may have heard that many individuals may experience cold or flu-like symptoms after…

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