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When Should I Get an Adjustment—Before or After I Work Out?

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Should I get an adjustment before or after working out? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear in the office, and while it could leave some patients perplexed, there is a straightforward approach to taking a look at it. Should you get adjusted before you exercise, or will the exercise somehow “undo” all the work the chiropractor just did for you? Perhaps getting adjusted after a workout is the best time to do so. The association between chiropractic care and exercise has been around for a long time and is beneficial. Nevertheless, one has to be curious about whether it is more advantageous to receive chiropractic care before or after working out.

Adjusted Before Physical Activity

The vast majority of individuals have the misconception that they need to get an adjustment after they have participated in physical activity, but let’s give this some more thought. During the initial phases of treatment, our primary focus is on relieving the patient’s discomfort by releasing any nerve compression that spinal misalignment may cause. The patient will feel better once the pressure is relieved. If a patient works out before an adjustment, then the initial spinal misalignment may be worsened by the physical activity.

Conversely, the muscles can relax more efficiently, and any potential strain during exercise can be avoided by receiving an adjustment before working out. A further advantage of getting adjusted before your workout is that it enables your body to perform closer to its maximum capacity by relieving more pressure from your central nervous system. The central nervous system, which includes your brain and spinal cord, determines your overall health capacity. When you get adjusted before you work out, this enables the central nervous system to have correct nerve flow from your spinal cord to all of the cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body.

A good number of our patients, particularly those who engage in activities such as running or weightlifting, have discovered that spinal decompression treatment, which can be performed either before or after exercise to assist in enhancing blood flow to the discs and removing the sensation of being “compressed,” is hugely beneficial. If you adjust before you exercise, the activity you choose can become a source of benefit rather than a source of stress for you.

We are aware that, for some individuals, the sensation of having spent time at the gym is like none other. However, in order for you to get the most out of the workout, your central nervous system must be functioning at a high level during the entire session. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, you can schedule sessions with a chiropractor before you start working out. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the weight room, a CrossFit room, the yoga studio, or the pavement for a long run—it’s always crucial to perform at your very best. The question “Can I lift weights after getting a chiropractic adjustment?” is one that some people ask, and the answer is an emphatic “absolutely!”

Exercise and Chiropractic Treatment

Many patients start an exercise regimen with the best of intentions, only to have an accident utterly derail their plans. Maintaining the correct functionality of your body, in particular, your spine and the joints related to it, will go a long way in allowing you to perform effectively, remain consistent, and continue your workout routine for years to come. It is best to be adjusted before activity, but it is also beneficial to get adjusted after you’ve finished exercising.

It will be more beneficial to your health in the long run if you simply get adjusted regularly rather than trying to figure out which option is best for you. You just need to be consistent, and it doesn’t matter which workout you do or whether you exercise before or after. Maintaining a steady workout routine and a regular chiropractic adjustment schedule is key to your long-term health.

The majority of chiropractors will advise you that it is preferable to exercise following a chiropractic treatment. There are various reasons for this, but the most straightforward one is that your body MOVES better following an adjustment. If you’ve been experiencing pain, an adjustment can ease it and let you exercise more effectively. It takes less time to warm up and allow muscles to go through their entire range of motion, both of which are crucial during activity, when there is less pain, and the spine is more flexible.

Second, to maintain your health, the muscles that attach to your spine must be balanced. Working out before your chiropractor makes an adjustment will exacerbate any uncomfortable sensations you may be experiencing and, more critically, can exacerbate any imbalances. Your muscles and joints might be in better shape if you visit us for treatment before working out.

Finally, getting adjusted before exercising aids in muscle relaxation, which can help you prevent injury. Chiropractic adjustments assist the nervous stem in becoming better coordinated, allowing you to make complicated movements while also allowing the joints and muscles to move more freely. During some workouts, your brain is required to coordinate the movements of hundreds of muscles at once, and the improper timing of the motions might result in harm.

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