Is Massage For Everyone? When You Should Get A Partial Massage?

To build on our last article, this week we're going to talk about when you should get a partial massage. This is especially for those who can't get a whole-body session – but have no reason to avoid massage completely. Read on to learn some of the times when you should get a partial massage. 5 Times When You Should…

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Is Massage For Everyone? When You Should Not Get A Massage?

We love massage therapy – but are there ever times when you should not get a massage? Besides having heaps of benefits, physical, mental, and emotional, massage just plain feels good. So, it's understandable that many people are drawn to massage therapy as a treatment option. It's a truly great form of health care. However, it's also true that there…

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3 Reasons Why Chiropractic and Massage are Good Together

Sometimes, when patients find out that we offer massage, they'll want to know why chiropractic and massage are good together. After all, many people have found that combining the two often yields outstanding gains in wellness. Chiropractors work to re-balance spinal alignment and restore your nervous system to health, and massage therapists seek to relax muscles and increase resiliency. And,…

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