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Atlas Total Health Chiropractic is the leading Georgia chiropractor in the area. Focusing on whole health instead of just chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractic clinics in Georgia are able to help their clients achieve levels of wellness that they may have never enjoyed.

When looking for a chiropractor Georgia based, residents will find that Atlas Total Health Chiropractic meets all of their needs in chiropractic care. Our office is equipped with all of the latest medical care devices and technologies to ensure that our clients receive the best up-to-date care available in the area. In addition to our top-rated equipment, chiropractic clinics in Georgia have an amazing staff of qualified care providers.

Our chiropractor in Georgia, US is experienced and compassionate. Patients will appreciate the attention to detail that is made to their health concerns and the quality of care received. Our physical therapists are well-trained and knowledgeable and work within the means of the patient. The rest of our skilled staff will provide you with quality care from the moment you enter the office until the time you leave.

What Can You Expect from a Chiropractor in Georgia, US

When you schedule your first appointment with a Georgia chiropractor, you should expect to undergo a complete exam and evaluation. Your chiropractor in Georgia will want to know your medical history, any medications that you are taking, and any current medical complaints. Your Georgia chiropractor will then ask what condition you have come in to have treated.

Based on your medical history and other information, your chiropractor in Georgia will then discuss with you the potential causes of your discomfort, will most likely take an x-ray, and may request some blood work or additional testing. The doctor will then discuss with you a treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will focus on complete health. In addition to any chiropractic adjustments that may be necessary to help your condition, your doctor may also recommend other therapies that will optimize your health. This may include physical therapy, massage therapy, vitamin and nutrition, dieting, or other similar treatments to treat your complete body and not just one small condition.

By focusing on your entire health instead of just your spinal health, our chiropractic clinics in Georgia are able to achieve better results for their clients. Clients throughout the Georgia area will be pleased with the results they see as soon as they begin their whole-health treatment plan.

When to Seek Help from a Georgia Chiropractor

Chiropractic care does not have to be reserved only for special treatment. Everyone can benefit from the services of a chiropractor Georgia based. Chiropractic care can be used for preventative treatment or wellness maintenance and not just for specialized care.

There are, however, several reasons that people seek out a Georgia chiropractor service for specialized treatment. Some of these reasons include:

  •  Accident Care. Car accidents slip and falls, and other types of accidents that cause a jolting or trauma to the neck or spine is a very common reason for chiropractic care. Realigning the spine is crucial to physical recovery from the accident.
  •  Headaches. Headaches that do not get any relief from standard pain relievers or other forms of treatment often respond well to chiropractic care. Atlas Total Health Chiropractic encourages people suffering from headaches to try having their neck aligned as a method of relief.
  •  Numbness in Limbs. If you experience pins and needles in your hands, arms, legs, or feet, you may need a spine alignment. Your Georgia chiropractor will closely monitor this type of treatment because it could be in relation to other illnesses as well.
  •  Athletes. Many athletes come to the chiropractor in Georgia to make sure that their spines and necks stay in perfect alignment. Playing sports can knock your alignment off and cause pain and hinder performance.

Many people come to our chiropractic clinics in Georgia for more than their spinal adjustment. Our clients appreciate the whole-health approach to our care and have found that they benefit from many of our services in addition to spinal and neck adjustments.

Areas We Serve in Georgia, US

We proudly provide chiropractic care and other services to residents throughout the following Georgia communities:

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