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A Georgia or Tennessee back pain chiropractor is a professional to look for whenever you have discomfort from your back. Over 57 percent of all Americans have stated that they have experienced severe back pain at some point in their lives that lasted for five or more years. Nearly all Americans have reported back pain or trauma at some point in their lives. For many, back pain and its side effects have become a part of their daily lives.

Atlas Total Health Chiropractic wants everyone who is experiencing back pain to know that they do not have to continue living in pain. As a leading back pain chiropractor in Tennessee and Georgia, Atlas Total Health Chiropractic can help relieve your back pain and move forward to a pain-free life.

Atlas Total Health Chiropractic embraces whole-health care for your back pain. In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer different physical therapies, nutritional counseling, and other forms of whole-health care to our patients.

What To Know About the Treatment of a Chiropractor for Back Pain in Tennessee and Georgia

Back pain is generally caused by two things: trauma from an accident or through deterioration over time. Sometimes the back pain is a result of both. The most common injury to the back is when the spine becomes misaligned, leading to nerve inches and pain, followed by herniated discs. Thankfully, Atlas Total Health Chiropractic has back pain treatments available for all of these back issues.

Our treatments available for back pain in Tennessee and Georgia should always begin with a comprehensive exam by a back pain chiropractor. Using the physical exam, patient history, x-rays, and testing, your back pain chiropractor can determine the cause of your pain and set a course for treatment. Every person experiences back pain differently, and every back pain must be addressed individually.

Once the source of the back pain is determined, your chiropractor for back pain will set a course of treatment. This will most likely begin with spinal alignment. When the spine is aligned correctly, the nerves can work properly, and your body functions better. The central nervous system controls all actions of your body. When that system is blocked, pain and decreased range of motion in all areas of the body occurs.

Once the spine is aligned, your back pain chiropractor in Tennessee and Georgia may recommend physical therapy, ice or heat treatments, or multiple therapies to ease your pain.

Get Treated by a Back Pain Chiropractor

Back pain is often treated with pain management techniques involving strong medications or invasive surgeries. For many people, surgery may not even be a choice. This leaves them facing a lifetime of being on heavy medications so that they can cope with the pain in their daily lives.

Atlas Total Health Chiropractic encourages those who have been suffering from back pain to consider a different type of care. Using the services of a back pain chiropractor in Tennessee and Georgia can give you the relief you desire and help you eliminate the need for pain medication.

Sometimes help is that simple. Sometimes realigning the spine and using some physical therapy to strengthen your back can eliminate your pain. It is worth trying. The prospect of pain-free living is the best reason to make an appointment with Atlas Total Health Chiropractic your Georgia and Tennessee back pain chiropractor today.

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It is important to seek back pain treatment sooner rather than later because as the body feels pain from an injury, the brain becomes more sensitive to the pain in that injured area. Even after the physical injury is gone, pain can still last because the brain is used to its existence. To start your recovery, call a chiropractor for back pain in Georgia or Tennessee at (866) 668-0108  or fill this form to schedule an evaluation.

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