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Why You May Need Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta

In the last few weeks, we have been focusing on all the positive ideas behind medical weight loss. With the new year already almost two months in, we hope you are still sticking with all your New Year’s resolutions as you intended. If losing weight was one of those resolutions and you are struggling, come to our expert team in Atlanta.

Medical weight loss at our clinic is the well-rounded weight loss plan you have been searching for. Our medical weight loss is a program that combines all the necessary components to get your health back in check. Enjoy a balanced and delicious nutrition plan, an exercise regimen, as well as appetite suppressants and B12 injections if you so choose.

In this post, we are going to go over a few of the causes that may have caused your weight gain or obesity.

Reasons You May Need Medical Weight Loss


Some people, unfortunately, have a predisposition to being overweight. If your parents were heavier set, there is a likelihood that you will experience the same struggle. However, genetics isn’t the only player in your weight gain. Where you live can have plenty to do with weight as well. Since you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, the land of Coke®, delicious fried food, and savory yet filling breakfasts, this can be a big reason as to why your weight has fluctuated. While being in a family that may have an overweight or obesity gene, medical weight loss can help you eat the foods that will nourish your body and keep your weight under control.

Engineered Junk Food

Much of our favorite foods such as Cheetos®, Doritos®, and Twinkies® are actually dangerous for us on more than one level. With the advancement of technology, this also made its way into the food we consume. These foods have been engineered to include many chemicals. This type of junk food now has the ability to be super inexpensive, delicious, and will stay safe to eat for weeks if not months at a time. By creating this new genre of food, manufacturers are guaranteeing they will be in business for many years because we will keep buying this product over and over again. These foods are dispersed with the intent to get you addicted and wanting more, this is not food to nourish and help your body and weight at all. Our medical weight loss team will teach you how to properly eat once again, and show you what you have been missing.

Addiction to Food

To piggyback on our previous point, most of the foods that are harmful to us have an addicting quality, like sugar. The reward we get from consuming junk is a powerful stimulation for our brain. Another power stimulation for the brain is actual drugs and alcohol. If you have noticed how you can’t put down the can of pringles or Coke, there is an actual reason for it. Over-Consumption and portion control is a huge issue when it comes to obesity. At our Atlas Total Health Chiropractic clinic, we will be able to teach you about portion control, as well as why you cannot keep continuing eating these foods.