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What Can Chiropractic Do for Text Neck?

text neck

In our digital age, there is a distinct new condition that is plaguing many people, especially millennials. Dubbed “text neck,” this condition is responsible not only for poor posture, but the pain in the upper neck, back, and possibly even disc herniation. This condition can be debilitating to your health the longer it is left untreated by a chiropractor. So, what can chiropractic care do for the text neck? Keep reading to discover the solution.
First, let’s dig into how the problem starts.

What is Text Neck?

Do you often find yourself hunched over a phone or computer desk? Text neck, sometimes dubbed broadly as “tech neck”, develops due to overuse of the neck, back, and shoulder muscles when sitting (or standing) in a hunched position for an extended amount of time. This puts a strain on your spine and cervical discs. When you try to straighten up after spending time like this, your neck may remain in a forward position. But, why is that a problem?

How Does Text Neck Hurt Your Health?

Long-term text neck posture has been linked to disc herniation and pinched nerves. Pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulder muscles is also common. Poor posture can also lead to several other problems, even issues with shallow breathing. Those with a text neck often lose the natural curve of a healthy spine.

What Can Chiropractic Do for Text Neck?

Chiropractors are seeing an alarming rise of text neck, especially in millennials and those who work with computers all day. They can use techniques like spinal adjustments and manipulations to realign the affected vertebrae in the neck and back over time. We teach our patients useful stretches and exercises to help the neck get back into a neutral position. Depending on your case, your chiropractor may recommend several visits to show you these exercises and re-teach healthy posture to your neck.
Your chiropractor will want to make sure that you don’t run into any further issues or increase of text neck. Be sure to listen to their advice and practice any recommended exercises.

Changes in harmful text neck posture can’t happen overnight. But with the right chiropractor, your discomfort and text neck posture can be helped. Call Atlas Total Health Chiropractic at (866) 668-0108  today to learn more about what can chiropractic do for the text neck.