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Start Your Day With Stretches

a happy woman stretching and smiling
A woman stretching


Start your day with stretches and have more energy throughout the rest of the day. This blog post is for you. Life can be hectic at times, so it’s important to take time out for yourself and do something that will benefit your body.

Stretching first thing every morning can relieve any tension, stiffness, or pain from sleeping the night before, Stretching could help you to relax, increase your flexibility, reduce lower back pain, and help to manage some other health conditions.

If you don’t stretch each morning your body gets cold, and your muscles tighten up. This can cause your muscles to pull on your joints and trigger pain and discomfort. With a daily regimen, you can expect lasting improvement in flexibility.

Stretching can improve posture, improve range of motion, prevent injury and decrease muscle soreness.

Your muscles lose tone and fluid tends to pool along your back when you sleep. It helps to massage the fluid gently back to normal. Your muscles protect themselves from over-extension by inhibiting the nerve impulses as they approach their limit.

Finding enough energy to make it through the day can sometimes be hard to do. Stretching in the morning helps give you energy and will support that energy throughout the day as it prevents feelings of tiredness.

There are lots of stretches you can do that actually help you wake up.  It can be planks, moving knees from side to side, pelvic lifts, and even yoga.  Take it slow. When you just wake up if you overdo it you can cause injury. It only takes minutes a day to stretch and you feel better all the way around! Wake up, stretch, maintain your energy for the day to come.