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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Not every pregnancy is easy. Some pregnant moms enjoy a smooth and uncomplicated 9 months and others may have back pain or swollen feet and ankles.  Many expectant mothers seek out special pillows, prenatal massages, and over-the-counter pain medicine they can take to relieve their pain. However, a chiropractor can prove their most valuable resource during this time

A woman’s body can change a lot during pregnancy.  A shifting center of gravity along with increased weight creates pressure on the pelvis and lower back.  The spine’s natural curvature changes, and muscles and ligaments become overworked and strained as they try to accommodate.  As many as half of pregnant women will experience back pain at some point, and the severity of each case may vary.  For some, pain may be mild and fleeting.  For others, pressure on nerves can result in pain in the low back and buttocks.

A chiropractor can help with conditions affecting the back more than any other physician and are often better equipped to ease the source of discomfort. We aim to help the back gradually accommodate the pregnant body’s changing frame without the uncomfortable side effects.