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Pool Exercises to Ease Back Pain

swimming pool
swimming pool

Summertime is here! It is time to open your pool and if you have back pain there is nothing better. Water therapy can provide a lot of benefits to ease the pain. Being in the water strengthens and stabilizes your back, decreases pain, and increases joint range of motion.

Here are five great pool exercises to ease back pain:

  1. Knee-to-Chest: Stand on your right leg with your knee slightly bent and hold on to the side of the pool with your right hand for support. Bend your left knee and raise your left leg up until your knee reaches your chest. Lower it back down. Complete five reps and then switch sides.
  2. Sideways Walking: Face the pool wall (you can hold on if you need) with your feet and toes facing straight ahead. Take about 15 steps to one side and then 15 steps back. Repeat once or twice more.
  3. Leg raises: This movement is performed with one leg outstretched and the supporting leg slightly bent while one hand holds onto the side of the pool. It strengthens and stretches the muscles in the leg, hip, and lower back.
  4. Water Walking: Once you’re in the water, start by simply walking around the pool, feeling the tug of the water. Take long strides both forward and backward, starting in the shallow end and graduating to chest-high water. Be sure to keep your spine straight and torso stable while swinging your arms.
  5. Kickboard balance: Sit on a kickboard or swim bar (a long flotation dumbbell) and balance yourself. Try to keep your spine in a straight line and engage your abdominals. Your legs should be resting naturally; your arms can be raised out to your sides, or your hands can be on your hips or gently holding the ends of the kick board. Hold for 60 seconds. You can also try kneeling on the board for a greater challenge.

Be sure to use proper techniques. Your main goal should be strengthening your core, which will help protect your back and improve your posture and balance. Water therapy is fun and it buoys the spirit!