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Pain Management after Accident

a woman after a car accident

People who have been in a car accident might tell you they feel fine, but is their body truly fine after it’s been involved in a car collision? In a car accident, there’s a lot of force exerted on the body, and even small fender benders can cause injury. Time and again, we treat  people that believe they’re fine and walk away from a car crash without any treatment afterward.

If you’re in a car accident, Atlas Total Health Chiropractic recommends you seek immediate medical care. Protecting your health and legal rights is important going forward after a wreck and  you’re going to get the best results from Atlas Total Health Chiropractic.

 After an accident, your heart races, and the body’s excitement elevates levels of endorphins and adrenaline, which can make you pain-free. This is a tool we’ve used to great success; not being able to feel pain allows us to get up, ignoring injuries. Your pain may be masked right away after a collision.

When soft tissues are damaged, they can be hard to pinpoint and treat. Soft tissue injuries are common after auto crashes. Even small ones at low speeds can generate a lot of force. The most common soft tissue injury after a car crash is whiplash. The forceful back and forth motion of the head damages muscles, which can cause swelling and pain and can restrict mobility. Whiplash often doesn’t show up immediately and can sometimes take a few days before you feel the effects.

Concussions are also a common post-accident condition. It can be serious and life-threatening if it’s not addressed. The symptoms of a concussion aren’t always apparent. Some symptoms are obvious like losing consciousness and disorientation, but other signs are much more subtle, like dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, mental fogginess, short term memory loss, and fatigue.

It’s important to seek medical pain management for post-accident care in addition to chiropractic care you can receive at Atlas Total Health Chiropractic to get you back up on your feet and living a healthy life.