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How Can Chiropractic Care Help During Flu Season

With the onset of cold weather, we’ve heard people ask, “can chiropractic care help during flu season?” It’s a good question. Rather than simply saying “yes,” we’d like to explain a bit. The answer isn’t complicated – but the question is about more than stopping the flu.

Flu season typically falls in the winter months, between November and the end of March, and refers to the time when flu cases increase. We often talk about how chiropractic can help relieve pain and discomfort in the body, but it can also be a great preventative measure against illnesses too. So, how can chiropractic care help during flu season? Read on to learn more.

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Help During Flu Season

1. Chiropractic Boosts Your Immune System

Chiropractors often work to treat subluxations, which are the vertebrae dislocations responsible for pain and discomfort in the body. Along with causing misalignment and pain, subluxations could also hurt your body’s natural defenses. However, chiropractic adjustments and manipulations can release these subluxations, and give your immune system that extra boost to fight viruses. Chiropractic adjustments will work alongside other preventative measures, including eating healthy and washing your hands. There are even studies showing that those who received chiropractic care were less likely to catch the flu.

2. Chiropractic Helps You Sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical for your body to be able to fight off any germs it comes in contact with. Chiropractic adjustments and exercises will help you get a better night’s rest when done regularly. Many patients who get chiropractic care report better sleep quality. And when you are sleep deprived, your body’s immune system will get weaker, leaving you exposed to illnesses that could include the flu.

3. Chiropractic Reduces Stress

Stress is a factor that can weaken your immune system. Being chronically stressed can have a number of side effects, including the increased risk of developing ulcers, raising blood pressure, and lowering your ability to fight off illnesses when you do fall sick. The stress hormone behind these side effects is cortisol. Luckily, regular chiropractic adjustments lower cortisol and provides relief in many ways. With your stress levels lowered, your body’s immune system is even more prepared to fight off harmful germs – including the flu virus.

Stay protected this flu season. In 2017, the U.S. saw one of the deadliest flu seasons so far, with a reported 85,000 people hospitalized with flu complications. Along with practicing good hygiene, consider seeing a chiropractor for extra immunity and health. Schedule a visit at one of our 19 locations to see what Atlas Total Health Chiropractic can do for you.