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How Adjustments Performed by a Chiropractor Can Help You Achieve a Deeper, More Refreshing Sleep

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A healthy body needs adequate sleep on a nightly basis to remain in optimal shape. The inability to get enough quality sleep can result in a wide variety of adverse effects on one’s health, including feelings of fatigue and irritation, as well as an increased risk of acquiring chronic conditions such as depression, diabetes, and heart disease. These effects can significantly negatively impact one’s ability to function normally and quality of life.

If you are having difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep, consider making an appointment with an experienced chiropractor, such as those at Atlas Total Health Chiropractic. Chiropractors have developed a specialty in treating a variety of sleep disorders. Chiropractic treatment can assist in addressing the underlying causes of sleep disruptions, which frequently increases the overall quality of sleep experienced by the patient.

Understanding Sleep

To better grasp how chiropractic treatment can help enhance sleep, it is essential first to understand the processes that occur during sleep. There are three stages of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Light sleep comes first, then deep sleep, and finally, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep comes last.

Our bodies have a greater capacity to mend and renew themselves when we are in a state of deep sleep than they do at other times of the night or day. The body’s immune system is given a boost during this period of sleep. As a direct result, the hormones that encourage growth and repair are released during this time. Additionally, both one’s memory and one’s ability to learn new things can benefit from getting a sufficient quantity of quality sleep. This is why the capacity to reach a level of deep sleep is necessary to maintain one’s health.

The rapid eye movement (REM) state of sleep is the stage of sleep in which we typically become aware of the vast majority of our dreams. At this stage, the brain is fully functioning, however, the body typically remains in a state of temporary paralysis. This serves the aim of preventing us from carrying out the actions advised in our dreams. Your brain does a substantial amount of consolidation and processing of new information while you are in the REM stage of sleep. After REM sleep, you will keep this information stored in your long-term memory. REM sleep also helps to ensure greater mental concentration and mood management, which are two things that are crucial to both your day-to-day work performance and your overall quality of life. REM sleep helps to ensure better mental concentration and mood control. REM sleep is an important part of the sleep cycle required to remain in optimal health.

How Spinal Alignment Adjustments Can Help You Achieve a Deeper, More Refreshing Sleep

Chiropractic treatment can assist in addressing the underlying causes of sleep disruptions, which frequently increases the overall quality of sleep experienced by the patient. The following is a list of potential advantages chiropractic treatment may provide:

Pain Relief

One of the most essential things that can be done to assist people with trouble sleeping is to minimize any discomfort they may be experiencing. This can be accomplished in several different ways. It can be challenging to get to sleep when you suffer from chronic pain, and it can be even more challenging to stay asleep throughout the course of the night when you have trouble falling asleep. Realignment of the spine and relaxation of the muscles are two of the most important goals that can be accomplished through chiropractic care. In addition, adjustments in chiropractic care are a form of treatment that can help relieve pain.

Enhancing Nervous System Performance

The nervous system is one of the most critical factors that play a role in determining the total amount of time spent sleeping each night. Sleep issues, such as insomnia, nightmares, and other sleep-related issues, can all signal that something is wrong with the nervous system or vice versa. Realigning the spine and freeing nerves from impediment are two of the primary focuses of chiropractic care. Both can contribute to an improvement in the performance of the nervous system, allowing you to obtain better quality sleep.

Reduction of Stress

One of the most beneficial things that can help people who have trouble sleeping is reducing the amount of stress they are under. When we are under emotional or mental strain, our bodies create the hormones cortisol and adrenaline; these substances can make it more difficult for us to get to sleep and remain asleep once we do. Chiropractic treatment for stress reduction may have several potential benefits, one of which is promoting a more balanced nervous system leading to reduction of the production of stress hormones.

Increasing Circulation

Poor circulation can bring on issues with obtaining quality sleep. When treating sleep issues brought on by bad circulation, it is essential to work toward increasing circulation as part of the treatment strategy. Symptoms such as exhaustion, insomnia, and other sleep-related disorders can result from the body not receiving the appropriate levels of oxygen and nutrients it requires to function correctly. Realigning the spine is one of the primary focuses of chiropractic treatment, and removing any nerve obstructions that may be in the body is another one of its primary objectives. These two things, when combined, can help enhance circulation throughout the body and improve sleep quality.

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If you find that you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you should consider making an appointment with an experienced chiropractor for assistance. A custom-tailored chiropractic treatment plan can assist in addressing the underlying causes of sleep disruptions, which frequently increases the overall quality of sleep experienced by the patient. Patients will be able to improve the overall quality of their lives and awaken feeling invigorated and refreshed when adhering to their recommended treatment plan and receiving adjustments regularly.

Contact Atlas Total Health Chiropractic if you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of chiropractic care. We are pleased to address any of your concerns and all of your questions. Our caring chiropractors have years of experience and enjoy assisting patients in leading pain-free, fulfilling lives. Ask us how we may help you with sleep issues. Contact Atlas Total Health Chiropractic by calling (866) 668-0108 or contacting us online to schedule your consultation. Discover what we can do for you to assist you with feeling better and restore you to optimal health.