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Does Chiropractic Care Help Mental Health?

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Many patients have asked us, “does chiropractic care help mental health?” Mental health issues affect people of all ages. And it seems that problems like anxiety and depression are becoming more common. Our hyper-connected society, with social media and stress from jobs and future fears, makes these tough problems to overcome. Over 40 million adults (nearly 20% of the population) are affected by anxiety. Another 15 million (about 7% of adults) struggle with depression.

Small wonder, then, that Americans spend billions of dollars each year trying to relieve these painful mental health issues. Most of that money is spent on psychiatric care and medication.

However, when it comes to mental health care, chiropractic care is an effective partner to other types of therapy. Chiropractic care can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Let’s look at the link between your mind and your body – and how it affects mental health.

Where Do Anxiety and Depression Come From?

We can’t directly trace anxiety and depression to a single cause. These mental health conditions develop over time and from many factors. According to researchers, genetics is involved. But your family history is just a small part of the story. Stress, circumstances, and trauma can be involved.

And part of the cause may be physical – an existing medical condition.

As you deal with mental health, especially if you suspect you may have an illness, please hear this: you’re not alone. Many people struggle with similar emotions, thoughts, and responses. You should absolutely see a mental health professional. Therapy is a powerful tool to help bring relief. And medication has been useful and beneficial to many people. Not as a default, because side effects can be a struggle in themselves. Talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have.

As you seek mental health and focus on your mind, remember your body as well.

How Can Your Body Affect Your Mind?

For years, the symptomatic connection between mind and body was known but not proven academically. Until research into Irritable Bowel Syndrome. While being treated as a digestive disorder for so many years, IBS frustrated both patients and doctors alike. And IBS often affects many people with anxiety. After doctors started treating the mind as well as the body, IBS treatment became much more effective.

Since we know that the mind can affect the body, it makes sense that the body affects the mind. They’re intrinsically linked. When we treat both body and mind, patients find greater relief. When the body is cared for properly, the mind is relieved alongside it.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Mental Health?

If you’re seeking care for depression or anxiety, chiropractic care may be a great help to you. If you think about it, your thoughts aren’t the only symptom you experience. You probably also have symptoms like these:

  • Tension headaches
  • Neck or back pain
  • Weakness

These are just a few of the symptoms we find in patients with mental health concerns. And chiropractic can be a useful tool to bring you relief. Your spine and neck are the main conduits for all your body’s nerve communication. When back and neck are aligned, your whole body functions better – and this helps you to think clearly and feel more emotional stability.

Lessening stress and tension in your body brings relief to your mind to some degree. Can chiropractic care help mental health? Yes.

If you have depression or anxiety, you may be the perfect candidate for chiropractic treatment. Contact us today at (866) 668-0108 to schedule your consultation at one of our 19 clinics. And, if you’re a new patient of Atlas Total Health Chiropractic, your first consultation, exam, and one set of x-rays is only $29! Let us help you live your life to the fullest potential.