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Why Chiropractic Care for Desk Workers is Important?

a woman with neck pain

It doesn’t surprise us: chiropractic care for desk workers is growing in demand. More office workers ask for our help every week. We’ve moved from blue-collar to white-collar as a society. The information has displaced labor as our primary workforce currency.

Here’s what does surprise us: the age of these desk workers who need chiropractic care is staggeringly young. Patients in their 20s and early 30s seek care for chronic pain and functional impairment. And the culprit is computer-centered desk work and lack of mobility.

Our desk worker patients look for chiropractic care for various reasons. But they all have one reason in common: chiropractic works. It alleviates pain and treats the root cause of symptoms.

The Posture Problem

Most problems we see in office workers can be traced to poor posture. Sitting is harmful – if done for a long time daily. The human musculoskeletal system isn’t made to sit. It’s made to be in motion. And then you have the type of work we do at desks. Ever seen a co-worker hunched over their keyboard? Or realized your back and neck hurt from a long day bent over your desk? Smartphones, tablets, books … we bend our necks and backs frequently. And that leads to stress and misalignment of the spine.

Some of our most beneficial work postures damage our spines the most.

Given time and repetition, our daily work can lead to postural problems and spinal injuries. These stressors can block healthy nerve function. And that shows itself through various other symptoms that cause patients to seek help.

Chiropractic care for desk workers is important because it can ease symptoms. But it’s even more important because it addresses the cause, not just the symptoms. Putting your body back into proper alignment enables it to work right. Pain medication masks symptoms that are actually your body’s warning system. The symptoms tell you when you’re out of alignment.

Many people visit their chiropractor regularly to recover proper body function. Regular adjustments can help prevent other health problems from developing. Make an appointment today in any of our 19 locations – and get started on your journey to better wellness with Atlas Total Health Chiropractic.