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Chiropractic Can Help Sinus Pain and Pressure

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As we move into spring, weather changes can cause sinus pain and pressure. And we know what that means – headaches. If your sinus pain and pressure are giving you headaches that get in your way, you know how it can keep you from living your optimal life. But there’s good news! Chiropractic can help sinus pain and pressure in many patients.

Chiropractic Can Help Sinus Pain and Pressure and Bring Relief

Because chiropractic can help sinus pain and pressure, we want everyone to benefit from it. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sinus pain comes from sinusitis
  • Chiropractic adjustment can bring relief
  • Chiropractic may even be able to prevent further symptoms by addressing the cause

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the medical term for inflamed sinuses. Allergies, the common cold, and any other illness that causes increased mucous can be the beginning of sinusitis. When fluid backs up in your sinuses for long enough, infection is inevitable. Pain and pressure follow. Without treatment, it will stick around. If ignored, it can even become chronic. Fortunately, chiropractic may even help alleviate chronic sinusitis.

What is the Solution?

Chiropractic sinus adjustment. Not only can your chiropractor adjust your neck and back – we can even adjust facial bones. If we adjust facial bones that are out of line, we can improve sinus drainage. Another area we look at is your spine, particularly your neck. If a vertebra is misaligned, it can get in your nervous system’s way. Once we address these two areas, your sinuses may drain more quickly. This is how chiropractic can help sinus pain and pressure.

What is the Real Cause?

Sinusitis is not the cause of pain and pressure. Yes, you wouldn’t have the pain if it weren’t for sinusitis. But it’s also caused by another condition: blockage of your nervous system. Because your body’s function relies on your nervous system, by improving your nervous system’s communication, you can make your whole body work better. That includes your sinuses.

Chiropractic can help sinus pain and pressure by treating the cause, not the symptoms. It’s a long-term solution, not just a quick fix.

Do you suffer from sinus pain and pressure? Chiropractic can help you live your optimal life. Tell us about your symptoms during your next visit. We may be able to offer, not only adjustment but also some natural alternatives to allergy medication. Find relief at Atlas Total Health Chiropractic near you today, we have 19 locations to choose from.

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