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8 Best Ways to Destress

Many individuals face stress in their daily lives. Unfortunately, stress can become so burdensome that it may make everyday tasks difficult, interfere with your quality of life, or interfere with your relationships. Stress may also commonly take on physical manifestations such as neck or shoulder pain, headaches, and more. Although stress is often multifaceted, chronic stress may take a profound toll. Below find some stress relief suggestions and tactics to mitigate stress.

Are you dealing with stress and anxiety? If you are struggling with symptoms related to stress and anxiety, you may want to consider discussing your symptoms with a chiropractor and scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor near you. Chiropractic treatments are holistic, mind-body approaches that will help relieve physical manifestation and symptoms related to stress to improve mental health. If you are looking for a drug-free, healthy way to improve your mental health, then chiropractic treatment may be exactly what you are looking for. Contact Atlas Total Health Chiropractic by calling (866) 668-0108 or contacting us online to schedule a consultation. Discover what we can do for you to assist you with feeling better and restore you to optimal health.

Is Chiropractic Care Right for Managing Your Stress-related Issues?

People seek chiropractic treatment for many different reasons. Common reasons an individual may seek chiropractic care is to see relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. However, many people don’t know that chiropractic treatment may also help with stress-related issues. Stress is known to be correlated to adverse health issues, including emotional and physical problems such as anxiety, depression, headaches, stomach aches, and high blood pressure. Additionally, chronic stress can be directly related to serious medical issues such as heart disease. Rest assured, however, as there are a variety of ways that a person may destress holistically. A chiropractor may help you manage your stress by utilizing various methods designed to relieve tension and improve mood.

Why Is Stress Bad for Your Body?

While your body was made to handle stressors, constant overstimulation and stress can take a toll on the body.

Chronic stress has been linked to the following health issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Digestive issues
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Memory issues
  • Migraines
  • Skin issues
  • Weight gain or weight loss

Chiropractic Care for Stress and Anxiety

Whether you experience any of the above stress-related health conditions or not, we at Atlas Total Health Chiropractic encourage you to learn more about how chiropractic care can help you manage your stress and become more comfortable. Chiropractic care may be right for you if you are looking for a healthy, natural way to destress.

However, in addition to receiving chiropractic treatment, there are many ways to reduce stress levels naturally. Below we have provided the eight best ways to destress:

8 Best Ways to Destress


Even light exercise will lead to the body releasing endorphins which may help improve your mood and increase your feeling of happiness. Physical activity is also linked to reduced stress levels and improved overall health.

Receive Adequate Rest

Ensuring you receive adequate sleep is key to feeling less anxious and less stressed. Ensure that you turn off electronics an hour or two before bedtime, maintain a regular sleep schedule, and reduce any lights or noises that may be disturbing your sleep.

Eat Healthy Foods

Ensuring that you receive adequate nutrition is key to maintaining proper energy levels to help combat stress. By eating unhealthy foods, you may feel sluggish, and energy levels may crash, leading to an increased feeling of stress. In addition, taking stimulants and energy boosters such as nicotine, caffeine, energy drinks, etc. may also add to your stress, rather than help you beat it.

Take Breaks

When overworked, it is a common tendency to continue working in an attempt to “catch up” or “get on top of things”. However, you are more likely to experience fatigue and burnout without taking adequate breaks, leading to increased stress. Ensure that you take breaks to relax and rejuvenate. Self-care is necessary for everyone and, in the long run, will make you a better worker, partner, and friend.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with those you enjoy reduces stress levels. Whether meeting with a friend or family member or spending time with a beloved pet, being around those you love lowers stress levels and increases levels of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, making life all-around more enjoyable.


Meditation has helped thousands of individuals destress, decrease anxiety, and help to calm their thoughts, leading to increased feelings of wellness. Meditation is a quick and easy way to help you destress.


Deep breathing exercises can reduce stress and anxiety by increasing oxygen levels in the body, reducing the heart rate, and calming the nerves. Guided breathing apps, classes, and videos are available to assist individuals with learning breathwork exercises relieve their stress and anxiety.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments relieve tension and stress in the body, allowing the nervous system to function correctly. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, contact a chiropractor to see what they may be able to do to assist you.

Chiropractic Stress Relief

Does chiropractic care relieve stress? Yes, working with a chiropractor can help address physical stress-related symptoms and develop a plan to get the support and care you need. Stress can lead to physical and mental manifestations, which is why it is essential to make time to destress. In addition, a chiropractor can help relieve spinal blockages to improve the function of the nervous system and address stress-related symptoms such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and more.

Chiropractic for Stress and Anxiety

Working with the team of professionals at Atlas Total Health Chiropractic is a great way to address your stress-related issues. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, headaches, or other symptoms or illnesses associated with an overburdened or malfunctioning nervous system, contact Atlas Total Health Chiropractic by calling (866) 668-0108 or contacting us online to schedule your consultation. Discover what we can do for you to assist you with feeling better and restore you to optimal health.