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3 Reasons Why Chiropractic and Massage are Good Together

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Sometimes, when patients find out that we offer massage, they’ll want to know why chiropractic and massage are good together. After all, many people have found that combining the two often yields outstanding gains in wellness. Chiropractors work to re-balance spinal alignment and restore your nervous system to health, and massage therapists seek to relax muscles and increase resiliency. And, at times, your muscles may be stiff – more likely to resist chiropractic adjustments.

It’s not enough to say, “just because.” We think you’ll benefit from knowing just why you feel so much better after experiencing both at the same appointment. Read on to learn more.

Here Are the Reasons Why It Is Good Together

We’ve put together a list of 3 basic reasons massage therapy and chiropractic care are close friends.

1. Faster Recovery

When you get chiropractic treatment along with massage therapy, it helps you recover from:

  • Car accident injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Gardening pains
  • Back and neck pain
  • … and more.

Massage stimulates your immune system, and chiropractic frees up your nervous system to perform optimally. Chiropractic and massage are good together because they cooperate to assist your body’s natural healing ability.

2. Better Circulation

Lactic acid can build up in your muscles over time – or because of intense exercise. Massage therapy can help it dissipate and get your blood flowing through those congested areas. At the same time, chiropractic adjustments give nerves a break from the pressure of subluxations. The two forms of therapy work together to improve healthy circulation and bring you closer to optimal health.

3. More Effective Adjustments

Have you ever tried to push heavy furniture on the carpet? It’s harder than pushing it on wood, isn’t it? Chiropractic adjustment is much the same. If your muscles are tight, they resist the correction your chiropractor tries to provide. A professional massage naturally helps you to relax, loosens muscles, and helps relieve tension.

If you’re under constant stress – mental or physical – massage is your best friend before a chiropractic adjustment. You’ll come away not only feeling better but also in a more relaxed frame of mind. And, you may experience better, quicker, and more effective results since your pain may be caused by muscle tightness and spinal misalignment.

That’s the biggest reason why chiropractic and massage are good together. Combining them is the best way to address the two primary sources of pain.

To get the benefits of combining massage therapy and chiropractic care, visit Atlas Total Health Chiropractic in St. Elmo or on Highway 58 today! We’d love to help you reach optimal health and live a life free from pain.